Ingrown Toenails

Dr. Cockrell offers GENTLE and permanent treatment for painful ingrown toenails. 

Ingrown Toenail Causes & Symptoms

This condition occurs when the toenail cuts into the surrounding skin. This may be due to a congenital curving of the nail, improper trimming, high-heeled shoes or too narrow shoes, or toe deformities such as a bunion or overlapping toes that cause increased pressure on neighboring toes.

Changes in the nail due to previous trauma or fungus in the nail may also contribute to ingrown nails. The most common site for ingrown nails is the big toe.

Symptoms may range from mild discomfort to prolonged conditions which become infected. When infected, the toenail area becomes red, swollen and painful with possible pus and drainage. For some people ingrown nails only occur once. For others this may be an ongoing battle.

Ingrown Toenail Treatment In Our Nashville Area Podiatry Offices

If the ingrown condition is mild, wet may be able to simply cut the nail properly to alleviate your symptoms. If the area is infected, Dr. Cockrell will need to numb the toe and then remove the small section of the nail that is causing the infection. The toe will stay numb for several hours, but you may resume light activities immediately (such as driving). By the next day, your toe will generally feel around 90% better.

If the condition tends to recur, there is a permanent solution. Dr. Cockrell will numb your toe, remove the offending nail section and put a chemical in the area to sterilize the cells that make the nail so that the ingrown section of nail never grows back. This procedure has proven to be 95% effective with a high degree of patient satisfaction and little discomfort.

When conservative treatment options are no longer providing the comfort you need, consultation with your podiatrist is advised to discuss surgical options.

Learn More About Treatment Options For Ingrown Toenails With Dr. Cockrell

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