Custom-Molded Orthotics

Orthotics are custom-made shoe inserts prescribed by Dr. Cockrell to establish or restore control of normal foot functions while relieving the associated pain of an existing foot condition. Orthotics restore proper function and relieve the pain associated with improper foot structure. Even people without a significant foot deformity, but who still experience minor discomfort, may benefit from custom orthotics.

Many foot conditions develop from lack of control which may be caused by wearing ill-fitting shoes or inherent foot structure challenges, among other reasons.

There are different types of orthotics, made from different types of materials.


Accommodating orthotics are designed to pad and protect the foot. They are typically designed to reduce pressure in a specific area of the foot.


Functional orthotics are designed to influence the motion of the foot using bio-mechanical applications. They alter the forces acting on the foot.


Functional-hybrid orthotics can include characteristics of both accommodating and functional orthotics. These types of inserts may be specific for certain activities such as sports or work. Dr. Cockrell's clinical evaluation will help determine the best type of orthotic for your particular needs and shoe types, including women’s dress shoes or heels, soccer, baseball, football, cross-country and tennis.

Once Dr. Cockrell completes your evaluation, he, along with the laboratory will help determine the type of orthotic or inlay devices that would be most beneficial for your condition. Your prescription orthotics will be made using either be an electronically scanned images or physical impressions of your feet.


Orthotics are typically a covered service by most insurance providers and our friendly podiatry team will both manage and expedite the process, so you will not have to worry about unnecessary costs.

Once you have received your orthotics, Dr. Cockrell will explain the “break-in” process, if needed, and you will be seen within the month for a follow-up evaluation to make sure you are progressing well and are on your way to being pain-free. At that time, if adjustments are needed to fine tune the orthotics, Dr. Cockrell will do what is necessary and work with you to make you comfortable. Dr. Cockrell offers a 90-day free adjustment policy. 

Please call our Brentwood/Franklin or Nashville area podiatry office at 615.370.8880 if you have any additional questions about custom molded orthotics and we will be happy to provide you with all the information that you may need.